Anukshanam Telugu Movie Review

Anukshanam Telugu Movie Review

Anukshanam Telugu Movie Review

Anukshanam Review – Cast & Crew

  • Title : Anukshanam Telugu Movie Review, Rating
  • Star Cast : Manchu Vishnu, Madhu Shalini, Navdeep, Tejaswini
  • Director : Ram Gopal Varma
  • Released on: 13-09-2014

Anukshanam Review – Story

Surya plays serial killer Sitaram, a deranged psycho who targets women, picks them in a cab and drags them back to his house in the middle of nowhere to stab them to death. Special officer Gautham (Vishnu Manchu) gets appointed for this special case. In a short span, killer strikes fear into people’s hearts. With the help of behavioral science specialist Shailaja (Revathi), Gautham gets closer to the killer. But Sitaram neverstop producing bodies all over the city, makes a major mistake when he captures Aasha (Madhu Shalini). Gautham fails to capture the serial killer and gets suspended from his duties. Will Serial Killer gets captured? Will Gautham succeed in the hunt forms the rest of the storyline.

Anukshanam Review – Star Performance

The serial killer Surya has the right look but his approach to this character could have been much better. Vishnu Manchu delivers a better performance – it’s a bit more demanding, requiring both quirkiness and emotion. Revathi’s character may not be perfect, but she plays it very well. Shravan and Supreet are decent as colleagues to Vishnu Manchu. Tejaswi Madivada, Madhu Shalini over emotes on every possible occasion. Tejaswi’s relationship with the protagonist also never quite rings true. Even Samatha’s voice didn’t go well with Madhu Shalini’s character. Veteran actors Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao are decent in their roles.

Anukshanam Review – Techinical Team

Anukshanam is an odd attempt at creating suspense – thriller, but ultimately fails for two reasons. The characters either are completely stupid or completely unrealistic at times. As real serial killers don’t play cat and mouse with profilers. The writers also drew inspirations from about 5 different serial killer movies [like The Lovely Bones (2012), Chained (2012), Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O’Hara Story (1994), American Psycho… etc] also turning this one into a flat and incoherent mess. The premise behind the film isn’t bad at all. Instead of witnessing cops and bystanders, they engage in heroics, how about a look at the pressures of a victim or behavioral specialist can go through. Unfortunately the writing is unbelievably melodramatic, cheesy and laughable. It just cannot be sustained for 100 minutes though. At around 20 – 25 minutes in the clichés, stupid characters, Incongruous murders, forced comedy and over dramatic dialogues completely take over. By the end you feel like you are watching completely different movie. Ram Gopal Varma tries to showcase hisresearch on Psycho serial killers, and provide us possible indications about them (Extreme anti-social, Tendency towards to Voyeurism, Dominance from early age, Killing Animals, No remorse or regrets). Director also refers to top serial killers like Ed Amos, Gary Ridgeway, Randy Woodfield, Ted Bundy and also our very own Auto Shankar, even their reference fails to create the much needed interest over the scenes. There are zero adrenaline moments. The amount of focus on Serial killer made me think this would turn out to be something out of the box. But it was below expectation, even with all the flair. The idea is great, but the script and the direction by RGV make Anukshanam an extremely boring watch. When it comes to serial killer movies, the key is to thrill the audience with the twists around as serial killers are hard to catch when they are relishing their victims.

Yet another uninspiring element in the film is its dialogues. Right from the obvious “Sachin ki Cricket ante istam, Naku champadam ante istam”, to the melodramatic “Champedi Dabbula kosam kadhu, Anandam kosam”, the dialogues literally show the laxity with which the film gets handled. The music is by-the-books, and the cinematography is also competent. Technically, it doesn’t strive for much, but it doesn’t have many flaws, either. Production values of 24 Frames Factory is fine.

Anukshanam Review – Analysis

RGV makes these low budget clunkers probably because he continuously finds both producers and desperate out-of-work actors willing to offer their services for a modicum. Logic, movie aesthetic or entertainment value has nothing to do with his enterprise. Coming to Anukshanam, it’s a slow-moving “suspense thriller” which at times seems to have more in common with a typical investigation movie than a serial killer mystery. I hope there’s a better edit of this film somewhere as the current version makes little sense, seems to have scenes missing and rushes to an unsatisfactory ending. Anukshanam can only be enjoyed by people who have spent the last decade in caves and missed out on the many better films that clearly inspired it. On the whole, Anukshanam does manage to deliver an irie atmosphere but unfortunately doesn’t deliver on the rest.

The only silver lining, it is infinitely better than RGV’s Ice Cream.

Tollywood condemns Hyderabad serial bomb blasts

Tollywood celebs have strongly condemned the bomb blasts that took place at Dilskhuknagar on Thursday night in Hyderabad. Reports say that several people have been killed and injured have been rushed to the nearly Yashoda and Osmnia Hospital.

They took to their micro blogging account and have expressed their grief over the serial blast. Here’s what they have to say.

Ram Gopal Varma: An absolute random targeting of completley innocent people is what the scariest part of terrorism is

Lakshmi Manchu: Hate VS Love. We as citizens of this beautiful country shd make sure love prevails. My heart aches for all the people who lost their lives. Nothing shd break us. Justice shall prevail but at what cost?? Anger pain hopelessness… God pls restore faith in fellow people.

Siddharth: We are under threat again. What cowardice and cruelty. We must stand by our people at this time. What a sad day for every Indian. Prayers.

Gopi Mohan : Very disturbing to see the visuals of the injured…Sad to hear about the loss of innocent lives in Dilsukhnagar blasts icon sad Tollywood condemns Hyderabad serial bomb blasts Prayers to the families who lost their close people in the blasts. Brave Hyderabadi people should show their unity & strength at this time
Hansika: Hyderabad please be safe. icon sad Tollywood condemns Hyderabad serial bomb blasts

MEHER RAMESH: Once again Innocent Indians killed &Hyderabad under blasts fear.RIP victims:(((

Shruti Haasan: Hope everyone in is ok in Hyderabad.. So sad to hear about the loss of innocent lives icon sad Tollywood condemns Hyderabad serial bomb blasts

Harish Shankar: I request all hyderabadees pls be strong . We are not here to get defeated by these cowards ; Time for togetherness ;

Taapsee pannu: Was shooting n suddenly the fone started buzzing non stop nly to realize serial bomb blasts in hyd.As a delhite I know what dis fear is like

DEVI SRI PRASAD: So sad n upsetting to know abt d Hyd Blasts.! Praying for d families of the affected people.! May peace prevail all over.!!

SS Thaman: God save this country seriously seriously worried about the families of the victims. Sad icon sad Tollywood condemns Hyderabad serial bomb blasts

Roopa Vaitla: Bomb last in Hyd…red alert…stay home safe all. Such scary visuals…omg..just shocking!!! God bless the innocent souls…

Madhu Shalini once again in B-Town

Madhu Shalini once again in B-Town

Madhu Shalini once again in B-Town

Madhu Shalini, who bagged the opportunity in RGV’s high expectation Bollywood film Department starring Amitabh Bachan, Sanjay Dutt and Daggubati Rana has signed a new project in Bollywood for the sequel of Urmila’s Bhoot titled “Bhoot-2”. Madhu Shalini, a multi talented Hyderabadi girl who is a model, an actress and also an anchor isn’t ready to reveal much about her new project. When she was forced by couple of media persons to share about her second project, she finally agreed that she just signed the project and she cannot reveal anymore information.

Madhu Shalini is quite excited about the Department which is getting ready to hit the screens next month and also more excited about her next RGV’s flick. Let’s wish this dusky beauty good luck with her combination with RGV.