KCR’s Cabinet Ministers list

KCR's Cabinet Ministers list

KCR’s Cabinet Ministers list

Chief Minister-designate K Chandrasekhar Rao who is all set to be sworn as Telangana’s first chief minister at 8.15 AM on June 2nd is going to have a 17 to 18 member cabinet. On Sunday, KCR would hand over the cabinet list to Governor ESL Narasimhan.

KCR’s Cabinet:

Harish Rao, Etela Rajender, KTR, Nayani Narasimha Reddy (MLC), Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, Konda Surekha, Jupally Krishna Rao, Jagdishwar Reddy, Padma Devender Reddy, Laxma Reddy, Srinivas Goud or Swami Goud (MLC), Mahender Reddy, T Padma Rao, Jogu Ramanna and J Venkat Rao.

Following TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu’s path, KCR too is toying with the idea of two Deputy Chief Minister posts – One for Muslim Minority and the other for SC Community to the counter the criticism of backtracking from the promise of Dalit Chief Minister. While MLC Mohamood Ali has already been confirmed for one of these post, Dharmapuri MLA Koppula Eshwar (SC) might be bagging the other one.


Principal Secretary – Narsinga Rao
Chief Secretary – Rajiv Sharma
Intelligence IG – Shivdhar Reddy
DGP – Anurag Sharma

President’s rule or putting off Assembly elections?

President’s rule or putting off Assembly elections

President’s rule or putting off Assembly elections

Hyderabad: The suspense over which way the Centre will bend in proceeding with Andhra pradesh affairs, a state whose bifurcation is a certainty now.

The current period where a decision is pending on the impostion of President’s rule, is leading to various speculations.

The UPA Government may at least put a pause on this suspense in the next meeting of Union Cabinet which was earlier scheduled for this evening.

Congress high-command seems to be seriously pondering the issue, although reports after the previous Core committee meeting suggested that the party leaders are veering round to imposing President’s rule.

Some observers are questioning these reports on the ground that if the Centre wanted to put President’s rule, it could have got it ratified in the just-concluded Parliament session. This is warranted because President’s rule imposed by the Government has to be ratified within six months.

A counter-argument is that a new Government at the Centre would have been formed before the lapse of next six months and ratification is not a big issue.

The second option is putting off elections for the state Assembly until the two states are actually divided into two.

However, this can prove tricky as the current UPA Government will lose its executive powers once the Central Election Commission announces the schedule for the Lok Sabha elections. It has to be mentioned here that the CEC is proceeding on the lines that elections will be held to Assemblies o AP as it exists now along with Lok Sabha polls.

The newest idea in the minds of top Congress leaders is said to appointing two Regional committees for Telangana and Seemandhra regions. In the aftermath of T Bill being passed by Parliament and the notification of new state being only a formality, Telangana Congress leaders are lobbying for a separate PCC for them.

No Telangana before General elections 2014

No Telangana before General elections 2014

No Telangana before General elections 2014

Hyderabad: North coastal Andhra minister at the forefront of Samikyandhra movement, Ganta Srinivasa Rao has said that bifurcation of the state will not take place before General elections.

He took potshots at Union ministers from the state and charged them with denting the Samaikyandhra agitation.

He criticized Digvijay Singh for making statements that are not mutually consistent. Ganta said that political situation in the counry will witness a sea change after the Assembly elections in five states.

Telangana MP : ‘Living together is like prostitution’

Telangana MP  ‘Living together is like prostitution’

Telangana MP ‘Living together is like prostitution’

Hyderabad: The first edition of Telangana Jaitra Yatra at Nizamabad turned into a platform for emotional speeches.

Congress MP Ponnam Prabahakar who represents Karimnagar in Lok Sabha, has been more aggressive on the Telangana issue in recent months.

Speaking at the Bodhan meeting, the MP remarked “Seemandhra people asking Telangana people to live together any more, is like doing prostitution.”

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Congress has an uphill ‘T’ task

Congress has an uphill 'T' task

Congress has an uphill ‘T’ task

Hyderabad: The Congress has an uphill task: It has to bifurcate the state and also keep the Seemandhra people happy.

It has an equally important target- that of winning more seats in the state to be in the reckoning post-2014 elections.

On the other hand, at the state level, TRS seems to be averse to join hands with the Congress. And passing the Bill in Parliament will not be possible without the cooperation of BJP and other Opposition parties at the Parliament.

It is however believed that TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao is trying to raise his bargaining power with the Congress high-command. According to reports, KCR wants to think of merger with Congress only after Telangana Bill is passed in the Parliament.

And of late, KCR is buoyed by the recent opinion polls (India TV- TimesNow) which said that TRS will get 13 seats out of 17 in Telangana. TRSLP leader Etela Rajender has indicated that TRS will sail alone in the elections and is not going to merge with any other party including Congress. He said that TRS will have to be there to undertake reconstruction of Telangana. Following Rajender’s assertion, spokespersons of TRS are talking of ‘Bangaru Telangana’ In TV debates following TRS leaders.

And BJP leaders of Telangana are not ready to give credence to these opinion polls. BJP MLA from Mahboobnagar, Yannam Srinivasa Reddy said, “every party will have its own blue print on development of Telangana and KCR cannot have a patent on the same.”

TRS spokesperson Dr. Sravan said,”In any movemen tacorsss the world, the torch-bearer will be remembered by the people. Telangana people are emotional. They will not care for caste equations. KCR will be in their hearts forever.”

And Congress was sufficiently fore-sighted to popularize a slogan “It is Congress which will bring Telangana, it is Congress which will give Telangana” well before it took the T decision through CWC, on July 30, 2014.

And it seems, the efforts by Congress’ Delhi managers to bring KCR on board, have not succeeded so far.

Congress General secretary in-charge of state affairs Digvijay Singh has said his party hopes to pass the Telangana Bill in Parliament if other parties cooperate. He might have had TRS and BJP in his mind. May be, other big parties like SP are not in favour of smaller states.

If one goes by the indications emerging from the first of a series of ‘Telangana Jaitra yatra’ at Bodhan, Nizamabad, Congress leaders did not mention TRS or its leaders anywhere in their speeches.

State Panchayati Raj minister K. Jana Reddy in fact, blew the poll bugle at the Bodhan meeting by asking people to ensure Congress wins 90 Assembly seats out of 119 seats in Telangana.

Speaking before him, former minister and MLC Shabbir Ali asserted that future Telangana Chief Minister will be decided by Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Addressing a press meet on Friday, TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu said his six-day long Delhi fast was a success and went on to criticize the Manmohan Singh-led Government at the Centre, saying files signed by Prime Minister of the country are now untraceable.

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, who is on a visit to Chennai, took potshots at the UPA government at the Centre, saying the Manmohan Singh-led government is in the ICU.

And on Friday evening, Seemandhra Union ministers Kavuri, Kotla, Pallam Raju, Kishore Chandra Dev, Jairam Ramesh and JD Seelam met members of the GoM and requested them to make Hyderabad as a Union Territory. Jairam Ramesh is a Rajya Sabha member representing Andhra Pradesh.

Naturally, only thing, or people who can be controlled by the Congress  party, are its ministers at the moment.

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KCR, Kishan Reddy to address Sakala Jana Bheri

KCR, Kishan Reddy to address Sakala Jana Bheri

KCR, Kishan Reddy to address Sakala Jana Bheri

HYDERABAD: The Telangana Political Joint Action Committee (TJAC) said on Friday that the pro-Telangana parties, including the TRS and BJP, will take part in the public meeting being organized at Nizam College grounds on September 29. TRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao and BJP state president G Kishan Reddy are slated to address the nearly 1.5 lakh gathering.

A delegation of the TJAC members led by its chairman M Kodandaram on Friday called on Kishan Reddy at the BJP office and invited him and party colleagues for the meeting named Sakala Jana Bheri. Confirming his participation, Kodandram said, “The TJAC has urged the BJP to demand that the Centre expedite the process of bifurcation of the state and to call a special session of Parliament to pass the Telangana bill.”

A delegation of the BJP leaders from the state is leaving for Delhi on October 2. Kishan Reddy said his party was for protecting the interests of both Telangana and Seemandhra regions, while it is committed to the cause of the separate state.

Kishan Reddy said the two splinter states with Hyderabad as the common capital was not in the interest of Seemandhra, and his party would demand that the Centre start building a new capital for Seemandhra immediately.

Criticizing the state government for its partial stand favoring the anti-Telangana lobby, Kodandaram warned against curbing the Sakala Jana Bheri in the guise of providing police security.

“During the APNGO ‘Save AP’ rally, the police provided tight security and escorted the participants to the venue. We don’t need such security as we are confident that the public meeting will be peaceful. On the contrary, there is a possibility of the police harassing the participants in the name of security check. We warn the government against resorting to such steps,” Kodandaram said.

KCR busy in Delhi as state burns

KCR busy in Delhi as state burns

KCR busy in Delhi as state burns

Well it has more or less become like a custom for TRS chief K Chandra Shekar Rao to be far away from action whenever Telangana issue reaches its crescendo. It can be said that the main issue of Telangana was raked up by KCR when Andhra Pradesh and Telugu people were living peacefully.

When the whole of Hyderabad is witnessing tension over the Telangana activists’ counter-agitation against the Seemandhra employees’ agitation, the TRS chief is happily staying in Delhi even as his party cadres have no clue as to how they need to proceed and are in a state of confusion.

This was the same situation which happened during the Million March at Necklace Road in 2011. Sources say that the TRS president is involved in hectic negotiations with the Congress leadership over merger and package! But being a leader for such an important movement, staying away from the main action reflects KCR’s nature.

Raghunandan reveals the secrets of KCR

Raghunandan reveals the secrets of KCR

Raghunandan reveals the secrets of KCR

TRS Leader Raghunandan was expelled by KCR from the party due to internal politics. Taking this chance Raghunandan made various allegations against KCR in front of the media on Friday. He claimed that he would reveal the concealed secrets of KCR including acquition of money and property. He is ready to disclose the facts on how KCR is mortgaging the party for his own personal benefit.

KCR is trying to bring his own people into the party and anyone who questions him will no longer continue in the party he commented. Raghunandan challenged KCR that he would release the CDs of the money taken in suitcases by the party chief K.Chandrasekhar Rao, Harish Rao and others.

ఆరోపణలన్నీ.. అవాస్తవం : హరీష్

Harish rao about Raghunandha

Harish rao about Raghunandha

పద్మాలయా స్టూడియో నిర్మాణాల వ్యవహారంలో.. ముడుపులు అందుకున్నట్టు తెరాస బహిష్కృత నేత రఘునందన్ చేసిన ఆరోపణలపై తెరాస సీనియర్ నేత హరీశ్ రావు స్పందించారు. రఘునందన్ తనపై చేసిన ఆరోపణలన్ని అవాస్తవాలని చెప్పారు. దమ్ముంటే తన దగ్గర జిరాక్స్ చెక్ కు, సీడిలు ఉన్నాయన్న రఘునందన్… వాటిని బయటపెట్టాలని హరీష్ సవాల్ విసిరారు. కొద్దిసేపటి క్రితం రఘునందన్ మీడియా సమావేశంలో మాట్లాడుతూ… పద్మాలయా స్టూడియో యాజమాన్యం నుంచి హరీశ్ రావు రూ.80 లక్షలు అందుకున్నారని ఆరోపించిన విషయం తెలిసిందే.

Congress looking at YSR Congress support

Congress looking at YSR Congress support

Congress looking at YSR Congress support

Truth is stranger than fiction but the charge, being leveled by the Telugu Desam, that the ruling Congress and YSR Congress will have an alliance is sticking.

The Congress leaders, except APCC chief Botcha Satyanarayana, who spoke at the Jai Andhra meeting held at Rajahmundry on Friday night, eloquently re-iterated their stand in keeping the state united and lashed out at Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao and Telugu Desam chief N Chandrababu Naidu for seeking to divide the state.

However, the Congress leaders did not utter a word about YSRC though the party said that it was respecting the “sentiment” of the people in the region and wanted the Centre to take an early decision.
The presence of APCC president at the meeting and the tone and tenor with which he spoke against separate itself signaled that the Centre is unlikely to divide the state but needs rock like support to pre-empt any attack by pro-Telangana parties.

Is the Congress looking at YSRC support in the region to counter the TRS, which is in a battle mode after Union Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said the decision on Telangana would be delayed further?
Though Chandrasekhar Rao offered to merge his party into the Congress if Telangana state was announced, the Congress leadership has been wary about him as he is known to switch partners at the drop of the hat.

This was evident during 2009 elections when he was seen in the company of Telugu Desam and Communists but has reportedly started contacting the BJP central leaders at the national level even before the results were declared.

While Rajya Sabha member Palvai Goverdhan Reddy is said to have mediated between the Congress and TRS a couple of days ago, it did not materialise as Congress president Sonia Gandhi was not keen on the same.

Under these circumstances, the Congress must be keeping its options open on having some kind of understanding with the YSRC. This is also aimed at bringing the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen back into the UPA fold as YSRC and MIM are going to have an alliance in the next elections.

Union Minister Veerappa Moily has already said that the Congress will discuss about alliances with other parties in the state (read YSRC) at the time of elections.
With AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi is certain to lead the party’s campaign next elections, Andhra Pradesh, with 42 Lok Sabha seats, will be crucial for the Congress in scoring a hat trick of victories at the Centre.

On its part, YSRC has already made its stand clear that it would support a secular front at the Centre in the post poll scenario.