Doosukeltha Movie Review

Doosukeltha Movie Review

Doosukeltha Movie Review

Doosukeltha Review, Doosukeltha Movie Review , Doosukeltha Telugu Movie

Title :Doosukeltha (2013)
Star Cast : Vishnu Vardhan Babu, Lavanya, Lakshmi Manchu , Brahmanandam, Ali,…
Director : Veeru Potla
Producer : Mohan Babu
Genre : Action – Romance
Music : Mani Sharma
Released on : Oct 17, 2013.

   Timesofap Rating: 3.25/5


Vishnu – Lavanya Tripathi combinational flick Doosukeltha is all set to

test it’s fate at Box office on October 17th 2013. Manchu vishnu who is

waiting for a big hit hopes this will take him to peak stage of his

career. Manchu Vishnu is very confident of this flick and Lavanya

Tripathi Andhala Rakshashi fame is seen in a glamorous way in this flick

which will add some spices to story. Veeru potla is directing this

flick and Mani sharma composed music for this flick. Mohan babu is

producer of this flick.


Doosukeltha story

starts with Ravi Teja voice over, Chinna ( Vishnu ) an Journalist

chasing Venkateswara Rao on a string operation. Story turns back to 13

years behind, flash back is on in Pichapuram village, where kota

srinivas rao a jamindar will not accept his brother’s son Rao ramesh and

his daughter Chinni ( Lavanya ) who enters village after 10 years.

Chinni wins a bet which has a rule of losers should leave village for 13

years. Picheswararo loses the bet and leaves village. What happened

after that ? What’s that bet ? How did hero make a happy ending ? Watch

it full screen.


Manchu Vishnu showed a

matured performance and his action skills too improved very well. Dance

and Fight scenes are too good, Vishnu managed to make a good impact

with his fights especially in interval fight. But he need to work very

hard on his dialogue delivery abilities.

Lavanya Tripathi is

main role of this film as story completely rounds around her character.

Lavanya too did her job well and her appearance and dressing style is

very impressive in songs.

A lot’s of comedians are used in this

flick, keeping all apart Brahmi and Vennela kishore did the best of all.

Remaining characters are not much interesting to discuss.

Technical departments :


and BGM score is done well by Mani sharma, but few songs timing is not

much good , editing work is not up to mark but complete story runs well

with a comedy in major elements. Direction and Screenplay are Ok. Music

and songs are major plus point for film, few scenes are deeply connected

due to a soulful BGM by Mani sharma.



Vishnu’s dance and fight scenes will stand as a plus, Lavanya tripathi

role and her performance is also a big asset for this flick. Complete

movie is a entertainer which will not make you feel bored. Brahmi and

Vennela kishore and few other comedians will make the show more

entertaining. 2nd Half and Interval fight scenes are good. Songs and BGM

by Mani sharma is very good, complete songs taking is done very

beautiful. Lavanya looks gorgeous in all songs.



on to Drawbacks of this flick, Story seems to be more routine which

will make you feel dull. Complete scenes are expected, next scene can be

easily guessed which is a big minus. 1st half is a bit dull and few

silly jokes are not much impressive. Movie reminds you Vishnu’s previous

flick Dhenikaina ready with some patch works done. Apart from

entertainment noting new is shown.

Editor Rating

Story 40%
Performances 70%
BGM and Songs 70%
Direction 60%
Expectations 60%
Total Score 65%

User Rating

Story 55%
Performances 58%
BGM and Songs 57%
Direction 60%
Expectations 55%
User Score 57%

Final word :


is more similar to Manchu Vishnu’s previous flicks, But this time more

comedy and entertainment is added which brings up a good family

entertainer. Doosukeltha has some strong drawback in story which is too

routine, but direction and screenplay helped to maintain good phase in

fun and entertainment. All in all it’s a complete entertainment with a

3.25 rating for 5. Go for it this week end.