Uu Koduthara Ulikki Padatara Movie Review

Uu Koduthara Ulikki Padatara Movie Review

Uu Koduthara Ulikki Padatara Movie Review

Movie: Uu kodathara Ulikki Padatara

Cast: Manchu Manoj, BalaKrishna,Lakshmi,Deeksha SethDirection: Sekhar Raja

Producer: Mohan Babu, lakshmi Prasanna

Music: Bobo Sasi

Director: Sekhar Raja

Story: The much awaited movie of Manchu Manoj’s “Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara” is all set to release on 27th of July. The movie will be first screened to the regional censor board members on Monday. The movie was screened to the distributors recently and they are reportedly excited and very happy with the movie.

Nandamuri Balakrishna will also be seen in the movie. He is playing the role of Zamindar Narasimha Rayudu. Deeksha seth is playing the love interest of Manchu Manoj. Brahmanandam, Sunil, Sai Kumar, Prabu are also seen in the movie. Sekhar Raja is debuting as director for this movie. The music is composed by Bobo Sasi. Bollywood musical directors Salim-Sulaiman are scoring background music. Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna will also be seen in a special role in this movie.

The producers of the movie recently organized a movie premiere for the distributors in Chennai. The distributors were amazed by the wonderful performances of Balakrishna and Manchu Manoj in the movie. The movie has many twists and turns in the second half of the film.

Uu Koduthara Ulikki Padatara will be released in more than 60 theatres in Hyderabad alone. The crew is excited about the response of the audience. Scriptwriter Gopi Mohan tweeted, “Most of the distributors saw #UKUP today:) awesome report and they r more kicked they wanna increase more theatres:) GOD Bless:))”

The movie is of a socio-fantasy genre, which has been made with highest budget with a high technical and production values. The producers have invested 6.5 crore rupees Gandharva Mahal set for the film, which is the most expensive set built in Tollywood so far, more than the sets of Director Gunashekar. Sekhar Raja’s script and direction, B Rajasekar’s camera work will stand as highlights.

Besides Nandamuri Balakrishna and Manchi Manoj, Uu Koduthara Ulikki Padatara Deekasha Seth, Brahmanandam, Lakshmi, Sunil, Sai Kumar, Prabu will be sen in other important roles. Bobo Sasi has composed music for its songs, while Bollywood musical duo Salim-Sulaiman worked on its background score.

Premiere Show review:

It is a rare phenomenon in Telugu film industry to show the final print’s premiere a week advance of the release. It shows the confidence the producer has on the product.

The latest theatrical trailer has generated tremendous buzz mainly due to the negative shade of Manoj in it. SS Rajamouli has personally called Manoj and congratulated him by saying it’s one of the best trailers he has seen in the recent times.

Performance: Manchu Manoj Babu is the show stealer. Manoj’s three different performance shades are extra ordinary. His maturity was great and there was tremendous improvement in his dialogue delivery and acting skills. Long legged hot Actress Deeksha Seth was used just for songs and got wasted again. Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna proved that she is good at acting again apart from being good anchor. Her character is good as Iyrendhri as she appeared earlier. Raghubabu and Abhinaya Sree funny performance is good. Sunil, Sai Kumar, Prabhu and other roles were justified up to the mark. It is said that no miscasting is appeared in the movie. Every character performed up to their best.

Technical: The movie has good technical values. Director Sekhar Raja’s debut was good with Manchu Manoj’s mark in this movie. His direction in action sequences are the main highlight of the movie. Music department is just OK. Slaim-Sulaiman background score during climax sequences are amazing. The strange experience during the climax should be felt.

Graphics are outstanding during climax. Audience will step out of the theaters appreciating the graphical works by the unit.

Highlights: Nandamuri Balakrishna’s appearance for 25 minutes in this movie was quite exciting. However, the entire story is about the Nata Simham Balakrishna. His appearance as the head of Royal family is great and his characterization and performance is extra-ordinary.


Rating: 3.25/5


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