YSR Youth congress will be strong force in Hyd says Hari Goud

YSR Youth congress will be strong force in Hyd says Hari Goud

President YSR Youth congress city unit - Hari Goud

In the coming years YSR Youth congress will emerge as strong force in Hyderabad on par with Congress, TDP,BJP and Other parties says Lingala Hari Goud, President YSR Youth congress city unit.

Speaking to 24by7News.com here today Hari Goud said that the youth in Hyderabad has been attracting to the YSR congress party because of welfare schemes fees reimbursement, scholarships, etc introduced by late chief minister Y.S.Rajashekar reddy. In the recent days though our leader has been arrested by the CBI and sent him judicial custody still hundreds of youth both from congress and TDP came forward to join our party because there felt it is conspiracy of both the Congress and TDP parties to pull the young leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy who is threat to them in the coming years.

He said both the parties feel that as long as Jagan mohan Reddy is there the parties can not win the seats in the elections citing the recent by-elections Hari goud said it is clear that people wants Jagan mohan reddy to become chief minister. Whatever is happening now is for short period and shortly his leader will come out from the jail and lead the party to power in the coming elections which is going to be held in 2014.

Commenting on the Separate Telangana state, Hari Goud said it is clear that Jagan Mohan Reddy has clarified during the plenary session that giving the separate state is in the hands of central Government however his party will not object if the central government curves the Andhra Pradesh into two but unfortunately some of the political are making unnecessary issue to blame Jagan mohan reddy that he is anti-Telangana person.

Hari Goud further said that the party is going to take up an innovative programme in the city like ‘Gadapa Gadapa YSR party’ in which the party leaders and cadres will explain the house holders the various schemes introduced by the late chief minister YSR and also the import ants of  Jagan Mohan Reddy has future leader of the state. The programme will taken up in all the 150 divisions of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

He also commented that on the occasion of Birth Anniversay of YSR on 8th July the party will take up various health programmes in the city like blood donation camps, health camps, free distribution of books and dresses to the poor children in the slum areas and also poor feeding.

Commenting on the future programme he said as a youth leader he would make the party strong from grass root level and attract the youth from other parties by explaining the various programmes of the party which never has done till now.

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