President’s rule or putting off Assembly elections?

President’s rule or putting off Assembly elections

President’s rule or putting off Assembly elections

Hyderabad: The suspense over which way the Centre will bend in proceeding with Andhra pradesh affairs, a state whose bifurcation is a certainty now.

The current period where a decision is pending on the impostion of President’s rule, is leading to various speculations.

The UPA Government may at least put a pause on this suspense in the next meeting of Union Cabinet which was earlier scheduled for this evening.

Congress high-command seems to be seriously pondering the issue, although reports after the previous Core committee meeting suggested that the party leaders are veering round to imposing President’s rule.

Some observers are questioning these reports on the ground that if the Centre wanted to put President’s rule, it could have got it ratified in the just-concluded Parliament session. This is warranted because President’s rule imposed by the Government has to be ratified within six months.

A counter-argument is that a new Government at the Centre would have been formed before the lapse of next six months and ratification is not a big issue.

The second option is putting off elections for the state Assembly until the two states are actually divided into two.

However, this can prove tricky as the current UPA Government will lose its executive powers once the Central Election Commission announces the schedule for the Lok Sabha elections. It has to be mentioned here that the CEC is proceeding on the lines that elections will be held to Assemblies o AP as it exists now along with Lok Sabha polls.

The newest idea in the minds of top Congress leaders is said to appointing two Regional committees for Telangana and Seemandhra regions. In the aftermath of T Bill being passed by Parliament and the notification of new state being only a formality, Telangana Congress leaders are lobbying for a separate PCC for them.