Open Offer: Support KCR as CM – Make Rahul PM

Political equations are changing fast in the newly carved out state of Telangana, as pink-flags are busy hailing Sonia Gandhi for making their dream of 60 years come true. Though some TRS leaders ruled out merger options with Congress, the other day meeting of KCR’s family with Congress boss has kept all options open.

Irrespective of merger or alliance, TRS has anyway made it clear that if India’s oldest political supports KCR’s candidature and helps him becoming CM of Telangana, then TRS is willing to leave lion’s share of Loksabha seats in the region to Congress candidates. That means TRS will not field candidates against Congress opponents at many constituencies, and vice versa. KCR hasn’t opened any formal negotiations yet, but he has given enough indications to help Congress acquire its numbers in turn he gets the same numbers for state assembly. As Telangana will be sending 17 MPs to Loksabha, they are crucial deciding factors for UPA forming government for the third time and making Rahul Gandhi as PM.

KCR however cleared that he will be discussing things with Digvijay Singh from now on, as Sonia ordered him to do so. Though he mentioned yesterday’s meeting as a thanksgiving call, seems like political equations in T-region are heading in favour of Sonia’s way.