No Telangana until elections

If this statement had come from a leader of Seemandhra, there will not be much significance to it. As this is the statement which is being propagated by United Andhra supporters for a while. Strangely and surprisingly, the comment has been stated by none other than Yoga guru Baba Ramdev adding importance to it.

Baba Ramdev has made this comment on Sunday in Hyderabad. Considering that Ramdev is close to BJP’s PM candidate the statement has gained much significance which is hinting that BJP may backfire UPA on Telangana bill which is flawed in every respect.

While extending support to separate statehood of Telangana, Ramdev on said he don’t see the possibility of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh before the forthcoming Lok Sabha election.

“Telangana should happen, but bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh should not cause injustice to anyone (in all three regions of the state) with regard to resources, employment and other fields which would all get divided,” Ramdev said.

Accusing Congress of indulging in divisive politics, he said the talk of Telangana was merely to win elections. “If they (Congress) really wanted to make it (form Telangana), then they could have announced a separate Telangana state earlier,” he said, and questioned why Congress was ‘sleeping’ for five years.