Chiru Creates Record In Seemandhra

Well, in the first case Megastar Chiranjeevi is nowhere present in either Tollywood or Seemandhra at the moment. So, if he is sitting in Delhi and relaxing at his official minister’s quarter, then what is this record they are talking about?

Bifurcation is just a small thing for Congress Working Committee, but it is self-respect and lost identity for Seemandhra people who are fighting from last 42 days protesting against the decision. Not just Congress party big-wigs, but central ministers like Chiranjeevi, Kavuri, Purandareswari and JD Seelam are also facing huge criticism as they are sticking to their posts even after people demanded for their resignation. To convey their anguish, many protestors are actually wearing masks of politicians. Among those masks, reports have that face-masks depicting Megastar Chiru are sold out in huge numbers, say lakhs.

Some printing presses that hail from Vijayawada are actually manufacturing these face masks. While Chiru’s face mask tops the sales, Sonia Gandhi, KCR and TDP president Chandrababu’s makss are following it. That’s all for now about face-mask records folks!

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