YCP ‘Delhi Drama’ turning to be big failure

Jagan is going on indefinte fast from 10.30 am on friday. Is is obvious that all the party leaders will stand behind him, in the ‘deeksha darbar’. It is no wrong to say, all the Jagan deekshas appears like darbar. Jagan leaning on round pillows will be nodding his head with a sticky smile on it, towards the public in que in front of him. All the party leaders will be standing behind his pillows, and women leaders will be surrounding his seat.

This time Jagan is taking fast in Hydeabad, and his party colleagues are flying to Delhi to obtain consensus from the leaders of national political parties in support of their leader’s fast. Meeting with President Pranab Mukherjee is also on their delhi agenda.

Hope President Pranab is not present in Delhi. He left to Belgium on 3rd of this month for a two weeks tour. YCP leaders without being aware of this are flying to Delhi  to submit their appeal to President. And the YCP, who attributed mal-intentions to Chandrababu Naidu on meeting with all party leaders in Delhi on  his tour, is following his footsteps in this regard.

But party cadre are still feeling that,  after cabinet has nodded for state’s partition, bringing consensus against the decision is difficult.

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