Telangana note approval is a shame to Democracy

Hyderabad: In a democratic country, the opinion of the maximum is taken into consideration. This seems to have failed in the case of Telangana issue.

Telangana state and United Andhra state are the two primary demands among the Public of the Present Andhra pradesh state. The Congress High command had passed a resolution in favour of the Telangana state formation in the CWC meeting earlier .

The decsion of the maximum people has to be implemented in  Democracy. But if the decision of one or a group is considered for implementation, then it’s no more Democracy but Aristocracy.

UPA Government  is said to be in a hurry to get the Cabinet approval for the Telangana note on Thursday evening night. The intention of Congress party is revealed by the cabinet approval on Telangana.

Though the Seemandhra public of 13 districts are protesting against the Congress High command’s decision on Telangana, the UPA Government was successful in making the cabinet approve the Telangana note.

The Central Government’s won and Seemandhra Public got defeated in the Telangana issue. Shame to Democracy!

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