TDP’s open letter to Vijayamma

Hyderabad: An open letter written by Seemandhra TDP MLA’s was sent to YSRCP honorary president Vijayamma. In the letter, TDP asked Vijayamma the following questions

  • Why the YSRCP leaders are eargetting the TDP leaving the Present Congress Government?
  • Did not YSR send 41 Congress MLA’s to Delhi for the sake of Telangana when TRS is not yet formed ?
  • Did not YSR Government handover Article 3 to Sonia’s hands for the bifuracation of the state?
  • Will not YSRCP support Congress at the centre. Will this not reveal the illegal alliance between the two parties?
  • Is it not true that YSRCP is making negotiations with President Pranab Mukherjee  for the release of Jagan?
  • Did not YSRCP leaders speak favourably to Telangana in Sharmila’s tour and Parakala elections?

The TDP authorities demanded answers to the above from the YSRCP leaders