Samaikya Sankharavam revealed Jagan’s strategy

Hyderabad: The incessant rain was absent for Jagan’s meeting. The grim situation in the state and flash floods did not stop people thronging. Any way the meeting was a grand success.

Jagan is expecting 30 MP seats in coming elections. May be 25 from Seemandhra and 5 from Hyderabad. He openly declared support to the party which will keep the state united. He asked his party men to conquer the Delhi with maximum seats. He appealed the leaders of different states, who have been facing separatist movements. He warned them not to be apathetic in this crisis. He quoted German theologian Martin Niemoller to gain their support.

If his estimations proved right to some extent, he might get 20-25 MP seats. This is enough for him to play a big role in national politics. His party is already heading in Seemandhra with Unites Slogan. He nullified the allegations of his rival parties. He vehemently criticized Sonia and kept his opponents shut for a while. Lagadapati’s adopted son theory becomes invalid in this situation. People may stop believing that there is a secret nexus between YCP and Congress.

All these are the indications for Jagan’s victory. Permission for the meeting was denied by the police. The High court sanctioned permission with some conditions. Party’s senior members forced Jagan to postpone the meeting or cancel it. But the adamant Jagan did not heed them.

The huge turnout was more than the expectation. People from the Telangana districts like Medak, Mahaboob Nagar, Rangareddy and Hyderabad were also present in good number.

With the success of this meeting, he gained upper hand in Seemandhra over his rivals and made his party’s presence felt in some regions of Telangana.

If he could win as per his expectations, it is sure that he will become a beacon for united activists and will become a key player and grab the power!

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