Petrol Strategy For AP Bifurcation???

How come Congress party has taken a decision in haste, without even thinking about the unrest that will arise in Seemandhra region? Why is Union Minister Chiranjeevi so happy after he met Sonia Gandhi the other day? What is going to happen with the bifurcation plan? It seems there is a strategy behind all these moves.

Generally when Union government plans to hike petrol price, they will first raise 2-3 rupees of the existing figure. Then people will come onto roads protesting the decision, parties will hold placards, leaders will shout and activists will bark. Government rolls back the idea of hiking the price and decreases 1 rupee immediately. That’s all, everyone is happy. But bitter fact is that Union Government has still hiked a rupee that actually they want to hike. So if one wants to hike petrol price by a rupee, then raise to 2 rupees first and cut off 1 rupee later. This is known as ‘Petrol Strategy’.

Looking at the way Congress party is dealing bifurcation issue, they are implementing the same petrol strategy here. Firstly state is split into Andhra and Telangana at the moment, enraging Seemandhra people. As everyone is protesting for rights on Hyderabad now, they will now make Hyderabad as separate state, Telangana one state and Andhra one state. That will satisfy Seemandhra agitators. Also there will be a provision for both Andhra and Telangana state people to exercise rights on Hyderabad state. Of course, Telangana agitators may oppose it but Congress will have answer for it.

‘If there is no wrong in Telugu speaking people having two states, then there is no wrong in Telangana people too having two states, Telangana and Hyderabad states’

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