Petition Against Bifurcation In Supreme

Supreme Court has taken for hearing, a petition lodged against the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh state by Congress party. Lawyer PV Krsihnaiha has lodged this petition saying state will go stray dogs if at all it is split without any scientific basis.

According to Article 371(D) of constitution, Andhra Pradesh got special status and powers which doesn’t allow splitting the state basing on political aspirations or giving value to protests in any of region. Supreme Court is going to look into the petition on Monday, and many legal experts are expecting a positive outcome of this. Also another lawyer has lodged a petition in Andhra Pradesh High Court against the bifurcation and requesting the court to pass orders to keep the state united. Bifurcation will affect all regions and this process not happening basing on any committee’s study, the petitioner mentioned.

However Telangana based legal experts felt that Central government is having the right to bifurcate the state with just a favourable voting in Parliament. Let  us see what courts will say.

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