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Orissa after Andhra: TDP

Orissa after Andhra: TDP

The opposition and Congress party leaders are protesting against Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy after his speech in Srikakulam District as part of Indiramma Baata. CM rather talking about the Andhra Pradesh, his concern over other states like Orissa and Chattisgarh shocked all.

“If Polavaram project is finished, not only to Andhra but we can give drinking water to Orissa and Chattisgarh too”, addressed CM during his visit to Amaudalavalasa, Srikakulam. He also accused that Naidu is doing ‘BC Japam’ which no one is ready to believe. However, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has given a strong dose of response to CM’s comments.

‘Already AP is suffering a lot due to drinking water problem. Rather thinking about our own problem, this inexperienced CM is talking about other states and their benefits. Ruling Congress should feel ashamed of this’, says TDP leaders. “Why is CM silent on Polavaram tenders but talking about the outcomes of project a lot”, they added.

Kiran is trying to fool the voters in the name of Indiramma Baata and other welfare schemes. On the other hand, Chandra Babu Naidu is wooing the same vote banks with BC cards. As per the Political analysts, none of these two plans are helping state people.

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