Naidu Slams Sonia In Italian Language

TDP president Chandrababu Naidu who started a first of its kind protest against a ruling party has took a new route to slam UPA chair person Sonia Gandhi. Naidu used a bit Italian language to send the message loud and clear.

‘Don’t split the state for the sake of votes and seats. Andhra Pradesh is getting immobilized for the kind of injustice you are doing to a section of people and a region’ said Naidu, in Italian. though his choice of words in Italian is not so formal, the way he has learnt a couple of words made it clear that he is directly targeting Congress boss Sonia Gandhi.

He said Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema are ‘immobilismo’. For those not fluent in Italian, Naidu added, ‘Things are at a standstill. Total standstill.’

For the first time in the country, an opposition leader has taken up indefinite fast and that highlights the plight of common man in Congress rule, felt political observers.

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