Manmohan’s Final Statement On Friday

Regarding the panicky situation that is worsening the value of Rupee against Dollar each passing days, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says he need time till Friday to comment about it. PM feels that his comments should reflect the real situation and depict actual.

On Wednesday, the Indian rupee has touched a new low of 68.80 against the dollar and the Rajyasabha wanted to know what Prime Minister will say about this historic falling. Also BJP leader Arun Jaitley demanded Manmohan to talk about plans in his mind to control the situation. Responnidng on this, PM said ‘It is not just domestic factors that contributed for the falling of rupee, but international issues like Syria outburst, oil prices and changes in the US monetary stand are affecting Rupee’. He confirmed that the country is facing the worst economic situation ever and there are several cause behind it.

Anyway Manmohan has postponed his final statement for tomorrow and maybe the nation might expect him opening mouth after a long time, ever since he spoke about FDIs months back. Wait for the big Friday then.

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