Kiran says Seemandhra will be a ‘desert’

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on Monday reiterated his opposition to the bifurcation of the state, saying it would deprive five coastal Andhra and four Rayalaseema districts of water for irrigation.

“We do not get water from Tungabhadra in Karnataka, which we are supposed to get legally. If another boundary is created, Rayalaseema and five other districts will be deprived of irrigation water,” he told a delegation of farmers from Anantapuram district, who met him here.
With the delegation drawing his attention to drought-like conditions in Anantapur district, the CM said, “This is not the platform to talk about politics. I am not saying this with a selfish motive, but if the state is divided and another boundary is created without resolving the water issue, it will push farmers into misery. There will be a lot of problems over water”.

He also pointed out that the lack of water would hamper hydro-electric power generation. “Unless a water level of 871ft is maintained at Srisailam dam, water cannot be supplied to the Rayalaseema region. Once ongoing irrigation projects are completed, we can ensure water supply for another 34 lakh acres,” he said.

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