Jagan company suffering from Ashok Babu phobia

Jaganmohan Reddy expected that his indefinite hunger strike will create tremors in political arena, and pull down the centre to his feet.

He expected that all the people who are in support of united state will turn into his side, and flood towards his camp. He also expected that all the media will broadcast number of programmes praising him as the only leader with clear stand in respect of united state.He expected hours of live coverage on his deeksha in tv channels other than his channel. Nothing had happened.

Now Jagan is getting realised that his hunger strike is showing no effect to reach his expectation in any regard. And at the same time, Ashokbabu, Chairman of Samaikyandhra parirakshana vedika, is getting more time on tv live programmes, as he is involved with various activities.

In fact according to sources in party, Jagan expected that agitations by employees, and focus on Ashokbabu will be faded out, once his deeksha is started. But no tv channel seems to be ready to ignore movement of employees across the state for sake of Jagan deeksha.

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