Is KCR not happy with Seemandhra silence ?

Once again KCR did the same. Again he made the comments that there is no need to keep Hyderabad as a common capital for a long period of 10 years. It can be very well reduced to 2 to 3 years. Along with this comment, he added that the employees certainly have to return back to Seemandhra, and have to  vacate their places to make room for Telangana employees.

Time and again the Central Government is assuring the Seemandhra people that their interests would be safe guarded. Time again the Telangana Congress leaders and giving assurances, that no-body would be sent back to Seemandhra from Telangana. Though every body is chanting this assuring mantra, still KCR is making these type of comments every now and then.

By these comment one can take it for granted that the fears of Seemandhra people are worth mentioning. Even well before the bifurcation of the state it-self, when the top leader of TRS is giving this type of statements, one can just think of what would the future fate of Seemandhra people in Telangana.

When these statements came to the notice of Mr. Digvijay Singh, he adviced  KCR not to make these type of comments. If KCR had to tell any thing, he had to bring the same to the notice of GOM instead of giving this type statements.

Now here it is an advice from Seemandhra people to Digvijay that instead of giving these type of advices to KCR, Atleast even now also he and his high command can think of the their decision, whether it is a valid and useful to the people of Andhra Pradesh or not.  If they are really interested in the interest of people, they would definitely reconsider their decision of bifurcation. Or else, if they are just looking to their votes and seats everybody knows what he and his high commend would do. – See more at:

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