Hyderabad city has turned a den for Prostitution

 Hyderabad city has turned a don for Prostitution

Hyderabad city has turned a don for Prostitution

High level prostitution is taking place in Hyderabad with the help of MP’s and MLA’s. The recent arrest of Telugu Film actress Tara Chowdhary is an example for the incidents in the city. She along with her husband Prasad has forced several girls from Vizag to indulge in sex with the customers. Tara Chowdhary was earlier booked in prostitution along with her husband prasad.

She used to lure the girls from Vizag, Vijayawada, Guntur, Nellore and other towns of coastal Andhra to Hyderabad promising them good jobs after coming to city she used to keep them at her residence and forced them to indulge in sex with the customers. Whenever she gets problems she used to take help from local police officers and political leaders whom she used to supply side heroins to the said officers.

Tara Chowdhary is having good contacts with top VIP’s in the state and also having connections with underground Mafia, she also given supari  to kill a businessman in Karnool town. Recently a prominent MP has given Tara Chowdhary  Rs.25 lakhs for arranging a Telugu film actress but unfortunately that actress has rejected the offer and demanded Rs.50 lakh which was denied by the MP.

Apart from running sex racket Tara Chowdhary used to take pictures of the prominent girls in the city and blackmail them. she used charge Rs.50 thousand to Rs.1 lakh. Several innocent girls from various districts are victims of Tara chowdhary. Some of the senior police officers are also become victims of hot babe.

Earlier the Banjara Hills police has raided the house of Tara Chowdhary in Navodaya colony and seized spy cams and CD’s. which were used to blackmail the girls. The police also seized several visiting cards of prominent businessman, political leaders and police officers in the state.

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