Updates on AP NGOs Meeting from LB Stadium

Live Updates on AP NGOs Meeting from LB Stadium

Live Updates on AP NGOs Meeting from LB Stadium

Live Updates on AP NGOs Meeting from LB Stadium

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3:20pm: Speaking at Save Andhra Pradesh meeting at LB stadium in Hyderabad, AP NGOs president P Ashok babu said that Indira Gandhi ordered for united Andhra Pradesh.

3:00pm: Chappal thrown at Save Andhra Pradesh Meeting

2:50pm: Telangana protester interrupted Save Andhra Pradesh meeting inside the Stadium, police taken into custody, but leaders succeeded in continuing meet.

2:05pm: Sofware and Private employees condemned police overaction. agitating to enter into LB Stadium to support Save Andhra Pradesh

1:55pm: Police allowed Ghazal Srinivas into LB stadium.

1:50pm: LB stadium jam packed with Seemandhra supporters

1:40pm: Tension prevailed as Nizam college students and samaikyawadis have clashed protestings against each other.Police have the tough time to suppress the tense situations

1:20pm: Vangapandu Prasad Rao not allowed into LB Stadium

1:00pm:  Ghazal Srinivas stopped by police at LB Stadium

12:45pm: BJP leader Nagam Janardhan Reddy warned CM Kiran over Save Andhra Pradesh Meeting

12:40pm: “Save Andhra Pradesh Meet” at LB Stadium begins with cultural patriotic note

12:30pm: Noramal people are also coming to LB Stadium to support Save Andhra Pradesh but police are not allowing them inside.

12:20pm: OU students started to LB stadium but police stopped students and started teargas on them.

12:10pm: TRS MLA’s Started agitation at Assembly.

12:00am: L B Stadium slowly fills up with Seemandhra & Rayalseema NGOs

11:45am: Telangana Students pelted stones on AP NGOs Rally. AP NGOs calling for “Save AP Meet” has faced Telangana heat as the T activists mainly students hurled stones at LB Stadium inspite of the Police vigil.

11:35am: Nizam College students further said that approximately 300 students are getting ready to storm “Save AP Meet” .

11:20am: Telangana entry points in Hyderabad have been blocked as Telangana activists prepare to enforce a bandh in the city today to protest the APNGOs’ meet at Lal Bahadur Stadium .

11:12am: Police stopping TRS MLA’s to enter in to Assembly.

11:07am: Till now more than 1Lakh people entered in to LB stadium.

11:04am: LB Stadium is taken under the tight security of police.

11:02am: LB Stadium is almost covered by Save Andhra Pradesh people with slogan Jai Samaikyandhra.

11:00am: Lot of People coming for Save Andhra Pradesh from different areas.

10:54am: Police allowing only employees who have their ID cards in to LB stadium.

10:43am: Telangana aggitators stopping the buses of Save Andhra Pradesh attendees.

10:38am: Nizam college students came out from hostel and throwing stones at Save Andhra Pradesh attendees.

10:36am: TRS MLA’s to aggitate in assembly from 12pm.

10:30am: OU students are coming out.

10:25am: TRSV President Balconda Suman was arrested by police at Nizam hostal few blocks away from LB stadium.

10:15am: Police started allowing employees into LB stadium.

10:05am: Police ordered non-students to vacate Nizam college hostal.

10:00am: Nizam hostel students started throwing stones at police and hostel window glasses are broken.

9.30:am: To build pressure on the Congress High Command to withdraw its decision on Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, thousands of government employees from across the Seemandhra region are turning up at the LB Stadium to mark their attendance for the ‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ meeting.

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