Telangana budget 2014 – LIVE Updates

The government of Telangana has finally geared up to introduce its budget amid a lot of curiosity from the people of Telangana as well as the signs of prospective counters from the opposition parties. Finance Minister Eetela Rajender will introduce the budge in the house and later the house will go through a question and answer debate on the budget. As this is the very first budget for the newly emerged state, expectations are on the rise from the different sections of people.

– Telangana Finance Minister Etela Rajendra  presented First ever Budget for Telangana state 2014.

– Speaker Madhusudhana Chari has adjourned the assembly sessions till Friday after the finance minister      finished his budget speeech!

– 62 Crs for Telangana tourism development

– 24 hours power in Telanagana after 3 years

– Rs 400 crore for market price stabilisation

– 100 Crs for Godavari Pushakaralu

– 20000 MegaWatts power generation in next 5 years

– Rs 2,000 crore for Drinking Water Grid

– Rs 25,000 crore for free education from KG to PG Telangana Budget

– Govt proposes to make Telangana as seed bowl of the country

– Government will Buy 1000 new buses to RTC

– Rs 1.05 crore each for development of constituencies

– 10 cr for women’s safety in Hyderabad

– Rs 6,500 crore for 4 lift irrigation schemes in Mahabubnagar district

– Govt allocated 1030 Cr rupees for the minority welfare. Which is less than 1% of total bugdet outlay.

Revenue Surplus : 300+ Crores
Non Plan Expenditure : 52000 Cr
Plan Expenditure : 48000 Cr
Fiscal Deficit : 17000 Cr

– 1,37,000 crores budget for Telangana. Way too much. Will be interesting to see how TRS gov will arranage funds.

– Rs 10crs for Farm Mechanisation and Rs 20Crs for Crop Colony

– 9,000 tanks to be revived this year with Rs 2,000 crore

– Service sector share in GSDP: 58 per cent; Agriculture: 14 per cent

– 4 lift irrigation projects in Mahabubnagar. 6500 crores of total budget for irrigation.

–  Rs 17,000 crore farm loans waived, Rs 4,250 crore deposited in bank

– Rs 100 crore for the welfare of Telangana martys’ families.

– BJP legislators walk with lanterns to highlight power crisis.

– Telangana TDP leaders walk to assembly after pay tributes to NTR,

– TRS MLAs and Ministers Homage to Telangana Martyrs at Gun Park