Sonia’s Game Plan for 42 MPs in the state

Sonia's Game Plan for 42 MPs in the state

Sonia’s Game Plan for 42 MPs in the state

There are 42 MP seats in Andhra Pradesh and now Congress is eyeing on all 42 of them. They have devised perfect game plan to win all these seats such that UPA4 will get strong support after 2014 elections. One will wonder how Congress is going to do this. There comes Sonia’s game plan.

At a time when TRS boss K Chandrasekhar Rao is also not anticipating the formation of a separate state, Congress party announced that they are going to carve it out. Yes, there looks a perfect ploy behind this decision. Congress wants to do dual magic in Andhra Pradesh by bifurcating the state into Telangana and Seemandhra.

As they have given Telangana, no doubt the party expects to sweep all those 17 seats in the region. And if Jagan is able to win rest of the seats in Seemandhra, a post-poll alliance will be on card with Congress for sure. The timing of his bail, and CBI’s sudden indirect support to Jagan is clearly indicating the hands of Congress bosses. Already Jagan started making his moves perfectly and is wooing Seemandhra with his Samaikya stand.

Irrespective of the protests taken up by AP NGOs, Congress is not deviating from its plans only for the sake of these 42 seats, say political analysts. Already Group of Ministers have met for the first time regarding carving out of Telangana and discussed basic parameters for state bifurcation too. So for now, Sonia’s super-42 plan is going on right track.

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