Sister Behind Harikrishna’s Resignation

Sister Behind Harikrishna's Resignation

Sister Behind Harikrishna’s Resignation

TDP leader from Rayalaseema, KE Krishnamurthy alleged that union minister Purandareswari is the key conspirator behind the happenings in Nandamuri family. He accused that Hari Krishna opened mouth in Rajyasabha acting upon the instructions from Congress party, but not Telugudesam.

‘In last six years, Hari Krishna never opened his mouth in Rajyasabha any time. But why did he opened mouth just before three months his tenure actually finishes?’ questioned KE Krsihnamurthy. ‘Hari Krishna doesn’t even know how to write, the speech was written by Purandareswari’, alleged Krishnamurthy, adding that Union Minister Purandareswari is actually trying to split Hari Krishna and Jr NTR from Telugudesam for her own benefit. Few media scribes reported Krishnamurthy commenting that Hari Krishna is actually upset for TDP suppressing Jr NTR’s rising popularity in the cycle party.

With TDP saying that the Nandamuri hero’s resignation is his personal agenda all these days, KE’s comments are adding sparks to the rumours that all is not well in Nandamuri family.

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