Serious Threat For Democracy: Naidu

‘The ways Congress party is undertaking regarding Andhra Pradesh is paining me’, said Chandrababu Naidu, while reacting about Union Cabinet’s clearing of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh to create Telangana.

Serious Threat For Democracy: Naidu

Serious Threat For Democracy: Naidu

‘When you are getting ready to solve a sensitive issue, you should take the confidence of all three regions. AP NGOs and other Seemandhra JACs are agitating from 60+ days and why Congress never bothered to call them and discuss about their issues?’ he asked.

The TDP president stated that they have given a letter sometime back to do equal justice to all regions in the wake of any decision. ‘Why are you not calling leaders from two regions and settling the issue amicably?’ Naidu questioned Congress party.

‘You (Congress) are focusing more on party’s personal benefits rather focusing on best interests of nation’, he said. ‘This is a serious threat to democracy and insulting self-respect of Telugu people’.

Also Telugudesam president blasted YS Jagan who has earlier said that both Congress and TDP combined to bifurcate this state. ‘It is Jagan who is doing all dirty politics, and accusing me later. Though the number one criminal in this whole issue is Sonia Gandhi, why is Jagan not at all blasting her?’ asked Naidu.

‘Why pushing blame onto others and escape from your duties? At least Telugudesam party will not resort to such stuff’, quipped Naidu.

‘TDP is on both sides, and we want to ensure that both regions will get equal justice looking into all sensibilities. Otherwise, we know how to fight and teach a lesson to Government of India’, he concluded.

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