‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ In Heavy Rain!!

'Save Andhra Pradesh' In Heavy Rain!!

‘Save Andhra Pradesh’ In Heavy Rain!!

On the 50th day of agitations in Seemandhra region, AP NGOs and other leaders have joined hands to organise a big public meeting in Vijayawada. People who have attended the meet are not even caring about the heavy rainfall that is hitting them hard.

When the meeting is going on, heavy rains lashed Vijayawada city but audience at the meeting never moved at least an inch fearing the heavy downpour. All prominent leaders of Samaikyandhra movement have presided well at the meeting, highlighting how bifurcation will destroy the future of Seemandhra people at the hands of Telangana politicians.

Jai Andhra leader Chalasani Srinivas accused that the whole of Telangama movement is built on false assumptions. Reacting on the statements of KCR that there are no intellectuals in Andhra region, Srinivas said that the great intellectuals of Telangana are taught education by Andhra teachers only.

Student JAC leader Devineni Avinash pointed out that Andhra people will become non-locals if Telangana with Hyderabad is given. ‘Politicians feel great when they hold a meeting with 10,000 people. But today one lakh people attended this meet. That’s the power of a movement’, he concluded.

Dalit leader Karem Sivaji appealed to dalits that they should not listen to forces that are trying to keep backward-castes off from ‘United AP’ people. ‘Telangana is a dream of KCR and Kodandaram, but not the people of Telangana’, he said. ‘Dalits will not be able to go to America and study, so let them study here in Hdyerabad’, said Sivaji.

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