Sakshi deal with NDTV resulting now?

Sakshi deal with NDTV resulting now

Sakshi deal with NDTV resulting now

Many viewers know that Sakshi TV Channel belongs to the YCP leader Jaganmohan Reddy, as it always will be blowing his own trumpet. But many of them dont know Sakshi TV channel is being run by NDTV staff. Officially there is a deal between these two tv channels, some people say , Sakshi pays huge amount per annum to NDTV, in return of which, they appoint 3 persons as their representatives to look after TV channel management in Hyderabad Sakshi office.

But rumours are there that YS Jaganmohan Reddy is just paying them unnecessarily. In fact a rumour has spread out that a senior colleague in Sakshi argued about wasting money by paying to NDTV, with Bharathi, Jagan’s wife. She tried to supress him by saying, ‘you need not worry about the NDTV deal’. The same employee was removed from service later. All the employees are clearly aware that Jagan is paying NDTV just to get good publicity in national media whenever needed. J-mark quid-pro-quo is happening in this deal.

The deal is resulting today when Jagan is agitating for samaikyandhra. NDTV to its possible extent is coordinating all the national media in favor of Jagan, to project him as a big hero. The people who are aware of this deal are laughing at it.

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