President Rule to be imposed in AP state?

President Rule to be imposed in AP state?

President Rule to be imposed in AP state?

Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh is heading for a President Rule shortly. The quick-paced political drama unfolding in the state during the recent days is a clear indication that the central government is left with no option but to bring the crisis-ridden state under its administration.

There is no denial of the fact that the state is plagued by utter chaos political as well as administrative. The Kiran Kumar Reddy government is vertically divided. Ministers belonging to Telangana and Seemandhra regions do not see eye to eye with each other ever since the CWC has decided to bifurcate the state. What is more the Telangana ministers have taken cudgels against the Chief Minister for toeing the line of Seemandhra people in opposing the bifurcation of the state.

With Ministers, MPs and legislators on a regular pilgrimage to New Delhi to lobby in favour or against bifurcation of the state, the bureaucracy is on a forced holiday. Important files are gathering dust in various ministries and departments in the Secretariat, the seat of administration, which has now become an arena for show of strength between  striking APNGOs and non-striking TNGOs.

If this gloomy picture prevailed in the state capital, the situation in the 13 districts of Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra is worse and pathetic. For the past two months the administration has come to a standstill, RTC buses are off the roads, educational instituutions are closed, hospitals and courts are not functioning and people from all walks of live have taken to the streets opposing bifurcation of the state. Dharnas, rallies, hunger strikes have become the order of the day in Seemandhra. What is more the working class have foregone their salaries for the last two months. There is no dispute that it is an unprecedented mass upsurge in the region against division of the state.

While the working class, government employees and the students have been agitating in the streets for the last 60 days, the political leaders have been literally pushed to the wall with the integrationists, that is the common people, bluntly denying them an opportunity to derive mileage from the crisis. With pressure mounting on them, the political leaders are now resorting to the resignation drama.

Four Congress MPs L.Rajagopal, U.Arunkumar, A.Venkatami Reddy and Saipratap have submitted their resignations to the Lok Sabha Speaker and urged her to accept them forthwith. Another MP SPY Reddy, switched loyalty towards the recently-released from jail Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy by joining his YSR Congress Party. He too along with another MP Harsha Kumar is contemplating to quit. State Minister Vishwaroop has quit the state cabinet and his resignation has been accepted by the Governor on the recommendation of the Chief Minister.

PCC President Botcha Satyanarayana, who is also the Transport Minister, along with four other cabinet colleagues are contemplating to resign. As a matter of fact the PCC Chief and other ministers held parleys in the chambers of the Finance Minister this morning in Secretariat to finalize their future course of action. Thus the spate of resignations by the ministers, MPs and others has raised many an eye brow in political circles.

It is pertinent to note here that Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy very much against any move by the ministers or MPs or legislators from quitting. His contentions was that it was imperative for the MPs and MLAs to stay put in their posts to defeat the Telangana Bill if an when it was introduced in parliament or Assembly. However what has come as a big nd unexpected surprise was that the Chief Minister himself has recommended to the Governor to accept the resignation of his ministerial colleague Vishwaroop, who put in his papers on Friday.

The sudden outburst of the Chief Minister against the CWC decision to divide the state, which was considered as an open revolt by him against AICC President Sonia Gandhi, and the subsequent resignation drama being played by the ministers and MPs is being viewed with suspicion. As a matter of fact some analysts wonder whether there is something more to it than meets the eye in these unforeseen developments.

As a matter of fact there is a lurking suspicion in some quarters that the resignation drama and other developments are being enacted as per the script prepared by the Congress High Command in its game plan to ensure that there would be no hurdles in the Telaganana state formation process. Already 60 days have passed after the CWC decided for the division of the state, but the process could not make any headway with the Union Ministers, MPs, State Ministers and MLAs from the Seemandhra region besides the Chief Minister stoutly opposing the move. According to knowledgeable source the High Command seem to have comes to a conclusion that the T Bill would have a smooth passage in parliament without it being referred to the Assembly only if the state is brought under Presidents Rule.

These sources further explained that the Presidents Rule could be imposed only when the state plunged into a deep political crisis.

Thus as per the game plan the resignations by the MPs and Ministers and others would lead to the needed crisis for bring the state under the central rule. And in this game plan the Chief Minister and the MPs and sate ministers have become pawns in the hands of the powers that be in New Delhi to create the needed crisis and situation for imposition of the Presidents Rule in the state after which the process of formation of Telangana State would become easier.

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