Payyavula Keshav’s press meet becomes controversial

Payyavula Keshav's press meet becomes controversial

Payyavula Keshav’s press meet becomes controversial

Hyderabad: The response of the TDP and the TDP leader Payyavula Keshav fits very well to the Telugu Proverb” Maatalu Kotalu daatuthayi kaani chethalu gadapalu daatavu”.

At the juncture of the Central government moving forward to bifurcate the state and Samikyandhra movement progressing in full swing to oppose the Telangana state formation, TDP leaders just sit in the TDP office air conditioned rooms and make comments on their opponents.

The seemandhra people of 13 districts including Rickshaw pullers, labourers, daily wage workers, beggars, gays etc are taking part in the samaikyandhra Movement losing their income. APNGOs, Private school managements,  private employees etc are also staging dharnas, hunger strikes, rallies to oppose Telangana since 64 days

At this point of time , when everyone’s concentration is on ” HOW TO STOP BIFURCATION OF THE STATE”?, the TDP leaders organise press meets in TDP office once in a day or two, in which majority of the time they use to accuse their opponents – either Congress or YSRCP. A few minutes they speak related to Telangana issue. That too in A.C rooms.

They sit and simply say ” You do this, you do that……..” etc. But they never take a step to oppose Telangana. What did the TDP and Payyavula did till now to stop the bifurcation of the state is in the minds of the people.

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