Pawan Vs Kiran: Who will score?

Pawan Vs Kiran: Who will score

Pawan Vs Kiran: Who will score

With general elections are just around the corner, and election schedule too in place, politics in Andhra Pradesh is undergoing never-seen-before changes. Two new political ‘forces’ are going to born- one is being floated by former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy, the other is brainchild of actor Pawan Kalyan. Both are going to come into existence on same day- March 12.

Kiran is going to announce his political party on March 12th evening at a public meeting in Rajahmundry. And though Pawan is going to make appearance in front of media on March 9, he is going to make full-fledged announcement on March 12 itself. Pawan Kalyan has already booked Hitex ground in Hyderabad on same day (March 12) to reveal his political force. Pawan’s office has sent word to his fan organizations, former PRP workers to attend this event. Pawan’s team is doing massive arrangements. Two prominent personalities of State are launching their political outfits at same time. This has never happened in State. On this peculiar context, we try to gauge the merits and demerits of these two teams, various factors that affect the outcome and who will score more. Naturally there are several apprehensions as well as advantages dangling in front of these two forces. Let’s see.

While Pawan Kalyan’s agenda is to bring “change in political system”, Kiran Kumar Reddy’s slogan is “to safeguard the respect and pride of Telugus”. Interestingly both these are existing agendas of two political parties in state. Pawan’s agenda is so close to Lok Satta Party’s ideology of cleaning politics whereas Kiran’s point has been boasted by Telugu Desam Party on various events. In fact, TDP was built on “Telugu Vaari Aatma Guaravam” (Self-respect of Telugus) concept. On this front, these two forces may not click and grab attention of people.

Veering towards support to these forces, no doubt Pawan has humongous fan base. Yet they’re divided on Pawan’s political reentry. And many of Pawan’s fans have had their loyalty to other political parties. And Chirus fans are unhappy over the turn of events. Kiran Reddy too have fans aftermath his open revolt against high command. Especially, NGOs, majority of government employees, students and youth are in favour of Kiran. Kiran is well-educated and seen as new generation political leader. At the same time, Kiran does have his demerits.

Caste is one major issue in Indian politics which play significant role. Sad, but true. While a section of Reddys, who are unwilling to support Jagan Reddy, have got an alternative in form of Kiran Reddy. And Kapus, majority section in AP, are likely to sail with Pawan given that his charisma. Even Pawan too is heavily banking on this factor.

Another important aspect is that Kiran Reddy has vast political experience whereas Pawan is almost novice. Kiran knows ground realities, poll booth politics, how it works. Many senior Congress leaders like Undavalli Arun Kumar, Sabbam Hari, Rayapati Samba Siva Rao, Harsha Kumar, Sailajanath and many others were behind him. Pawan might head Yuvarajyam but this is completely different from handling party or a team of people and oversee elections. This pose a big challenge to Pawan and his team. Coming to his team, it’s still unclear who is going to travel with Pawan. If reports to be believed, few former PRP MLAs, leaders might join Pawan which hardly has any affect.

On whole, going gets tough for both Pawan and Kiran as both are running against time. Given that TDP has strong cadre and YSRCP too have its base, Kiran and Pawan may can’t be game changers but may end up as third and fourth. Let’s see who will emerge as winner.