Nara Lokesh’s Stunning Comments

Nara Lokesh's Stunning Comments

Nara Lokesh’s Stunning Comments

Nara Lokesh, scion of TDP Supremo and former CM Chandra Babu Naidu, has been the talk of the town. His latest interview to a TV channel is bolt out of the blue to many. Many had impression that Lokesh is soft-spoken and not used to political jargon yet. Surprising everyone, Lokesh has proved his critics wrong.

Speaking to channel, Lokesh said, “People of Andhra Pradesh have two options. One to choose a person who have 4 decades of political experience and who served as two-term Chief Minister and served his best. The second option is to choose a person who has amassed crores of rupees by being son of CM and has experience of 16-month Jail. It’s for people to choose between experience of administration and experience of being in prison.”

That’s not all. When news channel asked him how he counters to criticism from opposition parties, Lokesh said, “I’m not here to criticize my political opponents. I’m here to awaken people and to ensure progress, development, social justice to them. I took the responsibility of mobilizing youth. I’m not doing this as a leader or son of my father, but just doing it as a common activist of TDP.”

No doubt, Lokesh scored brownie points with his very first media interaction. Without directly naming Jagan, his comments are diplomatic and instantly hit. Lokesh reflected the present day youth and stressed the need of youth in politics. Lokesh kick started his Yuva Prabhanjanam Yatra from Nimmakuru of Krishna district and the Yatra covers Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore, East and West Godavari districts, North-coastal Andhra and Telangana.