Naidu’s Punch To PM’s Gold Comment

Naidu's Punch To PM's Gold Comment

Naidu’s Punch To PM’s Gold Comment

At the ongoing self-respect yaatra, Telugduesam president Chandrbabu Naidu is leaving no stone unturned to breathe fire at Congress party for their failure in controlling prices of commodities. Making a point how the ruling party is destroying the economy, Naidu slammed PM Manmohan too.

‘Prime Minister is saying that people should reduce their appetite for Gold such that Gold prices will not soar. Unfortunately Manmohan is not reducing his hunger on PM chair such that this country will live in a better way’, said Naidu, taking a whip at the failure of Congress party to control price hikes. The TDP president stressed once again that Sonia Gandhi is creating rifts between Telugu people only with the desire of making her son Rahul Gandhi as prime minister of the country.

‘Neither people have come to roads nor have prices soared like this during TDP regime. If people give chance to TDP again, we will solve all issues in less than six months’, reiterated Chandrababu.

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