Naidu’s Deeksha: Is The Pressure Cooking?

Naidu's Deeksha: Is The Pressure Cooking?

Naidu’s Deeksha: Is The Pressure Cooking?

Telugudesam president N Chandrababu Naidu is on hunger strike from last four days, and still there is no word or assurance from ruling Congress party that they will look into the concerns raised by Andhra Pradesh’s opposition leader. Except pointing out the fact that Naidu has given a letter in 2008, Digvijay Singh regularly wants to blast TDP but not still getting ready to answer the demands of TDP boss.

At a time when such big leader, a former Chief Minister is protesting in the heart of India’s capital, it is very unfortunate that the ruling party is inventing ways to thwart his Deeksha but not looking into methods to resolve concerns of Seemandhra people basing on Chandrababu’s inputs. So, what kinds of pressure Naidu’s hunger strike will exert on this UPA even if he continues for months more like this? Some say that more than this peaceful strike, Naidu should join hands with people’s revolution in Seemandhra to make Congress open its eyes.

Congress party in India is like this at the moment: ‘If someone is really sleeping, we can wake him up. If someone is awake, we can put him to sleep. But if someone is acting sleepy, then there is no way to wake them except kicking them out’

Let us what happens with TDP boss finally as his health is deteriorating and there are chances of him to be shifted forcibly to a hospital tomorrow.

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