Naidu’s attack: Cong & YSRC in dilemma!

Naidu's attack: Cong & YSRC in dilemma!

Naidu’s attack: Cong & YSRC in dilemma!

The remarks of TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu in his ongoing ‘Telugu Jathi Atma Gourava Yatra’ have been garnering the attention of the people. Hi-Tech Babu is mainly touching the topic like Development during his regime and Corruption during Congress rule. Have a look at few of his speeches…

“I willn’t be sitting silent if attempts were made to divide the Telugu’s. How could Congress treat the Telugu’s so badly? The Italy born Sonia Gandhi is trying to divide us. How could a PM who failed to safeguard files (coal scam) can take care of Rs 120 crore people? Congress will be bitting the dust for sure.”

“You have given me power for two consecutive terms. Later, YSR was offered the CM chair. What has happened now? The prices of everything has gone up, his son has looted the public money, Corruption and Crime Rate has increased under Congress rule. We used to have only Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It was me who created Cyberabad and developed it so well during my 9 years rule. You just compare the differences between my rule and Congress rule”.

In fact, None have anticipated these kind of speeches from Chandrababu before the launch of yatra. Instead of only focusing on the side effects of division, TDP chief is attacking Congress and YSRC in every possible way. As of now, ruling Congress and pilla Congress (YSRC) are in a dilemma on how to handle the aggressive Naidu.

On the other hand, Chandrababu is also facing criticism as his speeches were mostly like political punches during election campaigning. There are people who question why don’t he focus on the division issue alone!

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