Naidu Walks Out From PM’s Meeting

Naidu Walks Out From PM's Meeting

Naidu Walks Out From PM’s Meeting

Congress government has insulted Telugudesam party president N Chandrababu Naidu here at the 16th National Integration council meeting. After cutting down his mike from power, Naidu has walked out the meeting in protest against Congress party’s ways.

It is really disgusting to see that Prime Minster Manmohan Singh on one hand talks about eradicating communal strife without giving importance to political affiliations and still can’t address how disintegration of Andhra Pradesh is affecting the unity of Telugu people. While TDP Chief Chandrbabu took it to the meeting’s notice that the situation in AP is getting volatile, the organisers have switched off Naidu’s mic saying the agenda of the meeting is something different.

‘Why AP’s issues are not getting discussed in National Integration Council? There is a strong need for that’, asked Chandrababu after walking out from the meet, where PM Manmohan is presiding. ‘Both parties from AP should be sit and discussion should be made to solve the crisis’, he added.

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