Minister finds fault with CM Kiran

Minister finds fault with CM Kiran

Minister finds fault with CM Kiran

Hyderabad: Now, Chief Minister Kiran is getting it left, right and centre. It started with State Finance minister Anam Ramanrayana Reddy, who differed with the Chief Minister’s stance on the CWC decision, although in a mild manner.

And now comes another jolt for Kiran. If Kiran has openly defied party high-command by calling for a review of CWC decision on Telangana, one of his ministers has come out against him for the first time.

State minister Dokkaa Manikyavara Prasad faulted the CM for openly questioning a decision of the high-command. “Chief Minister of late is getting used to flattery. He should obey the high-command’s decision even if it is not to his liking. I have been disturbed by CM’s comments. He does not like me because I do not mince words before him.”

Dokka was speaking to media after a departmental review conducted by him.

Dokkaa further added that he has concurred with several state Cabinet decisions in the past, though he does not like them. Referring to CM’s recent press meet, Dokka felt that CM had better avoided openly differing with the CWC decision.

“I don’t think CM Kiran is opposing high-command’s decision,” he said while denying that ther will be President’s rule or change of Chief Minster.

Dokkaa said that Chief Minister will not start a new party saying that the idea is not there now. He added that CM Kiran’s father was a Congressman and their family is with the Congress. It is unthinkable for him to do so. Referring to the survey reportedly commissioned by Kiran, Dokka said “If you believe in surveys, you are finished. That’s what has happened to Chandrababu.”

Dokkaa made another interesting remark: ”Some people around CM are spoiling him, otherwise he is an intelligent man.” He also said he will reveal “next week”, why Kiran backtracked from floating a party!

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