Lord Buddha was born in Nepal: PM Modi

Lord Buddha was born in Nepal: PM Modi

Lord Buddha was born in Nepal: PM Modi

Kathmandu: The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi repeatedly referred to Nepal’s unharnessed natural resources during his parliament speech in Kathmandu, August 3, 2014 however, for having failed to convince Nepal sign Power Trade Agreement and Upper Karnali Project Development Agreement on its own terms and conditions, he must have been highly disappointed.

Nepal perhaps for the first time hinted India that agreements must be on equal terms and conditions.

“We do not want electricity for free. We want to buy it. We also do not want to take your water. By selling power only to India, you can become a developed nation,” said the Indian Prime Minister.

But why the price has been in your set terms then?

With India asking for more time to review the amendment proposed by Nepal in the draft unilaterally prepared by India, the possibility of signing the deal has been indefinitely postponed, confirm reports.

While India under a generic framework had proposed an ‘Energy Cooperation Agreement’ to allow it harness Nepal’s entire hydropower potential by barring third countries, after much hue and cry from the stakeholders, the government of Nepal had proposed amendment to limit the agreement to power trade only.

During the course of his eloquent speech, that it was indeed, made in Hindi that majority Nepalis are familiar with, the Indian Prime Minister announced USD 1 Billion as Concessional Line of Credit without Nepal even forwarding a formal request.

Pea nut amount but yet not bad as PM Modi took Nepal as a beggar that she is.

The Indian Premier said, “I would like to declare it right here that India has decided to provide Nepalese rupees 10,000 crore as concessional line of credit. Nepal on its own can spend this on its priorities. You can invest this in hydropower and areas of infrastructure development. This is separate from the previous assistance that India has already provided to Nepal.”

With India in the past repeatedly providing same projects and supports under various categories and at different time interval used to create confusion among the Nepali population and also being criticized for its strange acts, this time though Modi’s declaration that the amount being provided by India was a separate one has helped to wipe out confusion if any.

More than anything else, Modi’s affirmation that Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal and his repeated reference to Buddha during his speech has won the Nepali hearts.

It is also to be seen in the days ahead if Modi will be allowed by his own bureaucracy to implement his HIT strategy for Nepal.

According to Him H: Highways, I: I (Information)-ways and T: Trans-Ways.