KCR’s controversil comments on Andhra People

KCR's controversil comments on Andhra People

KCR’s controversil comments on Andhra People

Hyderabad: KCR has once again vented fumes at Andhra people at the ongoing Sakala Janula Bheri meeting at Nizam college grounds here in Hyderabad. As usual, the TRS party president played on egos on Andhra people again by insulting them with his crude words.

‘Those born in Lanka are rakshasas and those born in Andhra region are always traitors to Telangana. They will always loot Telangana. There is no intellectual from the region too’, quipped KCR at Sakala Janula Bheri.’Some people are still trying to keep this state united, but Telangana and Andhra people are divided mentally already’, he added, making fun of Andhraites and the agitations going on in Seemandhra region from last 62 days. ‘There is honesty and truth in Telangana movement’, KCR said.

Also KCR vented fumes at political parties, Telugudesam and YSRC for taking a turn on formation of Telangana. ‘Naidu is not taking just U turn, but he is taking all the turns that are available in the world. When there is no justice in the demands being made by YSR Congress, how could they demand equal-justice now?’ he asked.

‘Even one lakhs Kirans, Jagans and Naidus cannot stop the formation of Telangana state’, assured KCR, stressing that the formation of Telangana is inevitable.

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