KCR is healthy and No rift with KTR:Harish Rao

After KCR it was his nephew Harish rao who participated actively in Telanagana Movement.After KCR Harish has known to be the No. 2 in the TRS ever since its formation in 2001. But his position in the party became a subject of hot debate after Chandrasekhar Rao’s son Rama Rao entered active politics.

There were reports both Harish and KTR eyed on the CM chair and some even said that some sort of cold war was happening between the leaders.However, the news is far from truth. In an interview to a leading English daily, the Telangana minister for legislative affairs and irrigation Harish rao rubbished the allegations and said that the propaganda was made by the Opposition.

He added that reports of “differences” between them were only a creation of some vested interests aimed at creating a rift in their family.He also said that he and KTR loved to work under KCR’s leadership.

He further added that he and KTR have perfect understanding and both work together on all issues.The irrigation minister also said that it was too early to think about the nest Chief Minister of Telangana.. KCR is very healthy and he will rule the state for the next 15-20 years; Quipped Harish.