Is There Truth In Jagan’s Deeksha?

Is There Truth In Jagan's Deeksha?

Is There Truth In Jagan’s Deeksha?

With Jail authorities saying that they have no clue on YS Jagan’s indefinite past, one will get a doubt if we have to really believe what YSR Congress leaders are sharing with the media. Also without seeing any visual of what is happening inside the prison, or at least a confirmation from jail authorities,  it is tough to believe the yuvaneta.

Earlier on Sunday, YSR Congress leaders like Ambati informed media that their party president Jagan has started indefinite fast in Chanchalguda jail from 6.30 am. Demanding equal justice for Seemandhra people in the wake of bifurcation, Jagan has taken up protest this way. At the same time security was beefed up around prison as Jagan’s fans are storming the premises. Ambati has compared to Jagan’s deeksha to Mahatma Gandhi’s hunger strikes in jail during freedom struggle.

However jail authorities revealed that Jagan will lose special prisoner status if he continues his deeksha. Chanchalguda officials want to wait and observe Jagan for 24 hours before actually taking up any action on him for fasting inside the prison.

Telugudesam party however quipped Jagan’s acts as vote-grabbing tactics. ‘Jagan is not a freedom fighter sitting in jail to take up Deeksha. He is a scamster who amassed wealth through illegal means and people will not believe him’, TDP spokespersons added.

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