I’m Not Model For Cameras: AP Lady MP

I'm Not Model For Cameras: AP Lady MP

I’m Not Model For Cameras: AP Lady MP

Reacting on the opposition she met with the other day while attending the meeting of T-Congress ministers, MPs and MLAs, firebrand MP Renuka Chowdary says that she is not going to give any sugar coated statements for Telangana politicians.

‘We have to wait with patience as Congress party announced that they are ready for bifurcation. That’s why I’m not giving statements like Telangana people will have next elections in their own state’, stressed Renuka, indicating that all the Telangana based leaders are giving fake statements to lure T-people.

‘Formation of Telangana depends on how other issues in the country are tackled. Congress is having many other headaches at national and international level. So it may take longer time than expected’, she felt. The loudmouth Congress leader feels only politicians who don’t know anything about reality have hindered her the other day.

‘As I’m not a model to come and pose for cameras, I don’t really come in front of media a lot with statements and comments’, she quipped, taking a shot at T-MPs who always rant something before media cameras.

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