I’m Not Here To Do Politics: Chandrababu

I'm Not Here To Do Politics- Chandrababu

I’m Not Here To Do Politics- Chandrababu

The other day when wives of Seemandhra people’s representatives met Delhi bosses, both Congress and YSR Congress party politicians’ wives have come together and left together. Is this not an indication that these parties are having nexus between them?

TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu spoke to media today after meeting NCP president Sharad Pawar in New Delhi. Andhra Pradesh’s opposition leader has apprehended Pawar about the situation in Andhra Pradesh and also exposed the politics of Congress-TRS nexus and Congress-YSR Congress nexus. Naidu asked, ‘When Congress announced Telangana, they announced about TRS merger too. Is this not a political deal then? Without solving people’s problems, how could you separate the state?’

However when media tried to question about TDP’s stand on bifurcation, Naidu said that he is in Delhi to talk about people but not politics. ‘Already I’ve exposed to President about the political game Congress is playing along with TRS and YSRC. We’ll talk about peoples’ issues here, not politics or votes’, pat came the reply from Naidu.

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