I am not longing for CM post like Jagan or Chandrababu

I am not longing for CM post like Jagan or Chandrababu

I am not longing for CM post like Jagan or Chandrababu

Hyderabad: Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy has indicated that he is not up to leave Congress and set up a new party. He expressed his willingness to quit the Chief minister post for the sake of keeping the state united.

Addressing a press meet,”My problem I with the political decision taken by our party. I stand by my earlier statement that I will abide by the party decision. But being the Chief Minister at the moment, I must ensure that nothing goes wrong. It is my duty to point out that something is going wrong. I am not wooried about my future. I am worried about the future of the people.”

“I am not like Chnadrababu Naidu or YS Jaganmohna Reddy, who are longing for Chief ministership. I am ready to quit the post of Chief Ministership for the sake of Samaikyandhra. When such is the case, my setting up of a new party to become Chief Minister again, does not arise. I am in Congress today and I will be in Congress tomorrow as well.”

While making his stand clear on the united Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy took painsto explain that he has been Chief minister of the state inly due to Congress party and party president Sonia Gandhi.

“My commitment to Congress is 100 percent and my commitment to Samaikyandhra is 100 percent. It will be difficult for me to choose between the two. It is like asking a boy, to tell whether he likes his father or mother.”

Chief Minister then went on to question those who claim that the CWC decision is final. “I ask those people who claim the CWC resolution as ‘engraved in stone’, do they mean that what Nehru and Indira Gandhi did, is worthless?”

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