Hyderabad to become a state?

Hyderabad to become a state?

Hyderabad to become a state?

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad issue related to the bifuracation of the present Andhra Pradesh state has become hot topic in the political circles.

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi has strongly opposed the  reported proposal to make Hyderabad a Union territory in the process of the proposed bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. MIM party also opposed UT status to Hyderabad city.

On the other hand, area wise Hyderabad is Goa and Puducherry put together.

The following are some of the key assets of Hyderabad city.

  • Boundary: Hyderabad city entended to a radius of  3702  kms.
  • Education: Central and State Universities located in the city
  • IT Software: Major Multinational companies located in the city
  • Government sector: PSUs (Public sector units) are located in the city
  • Science, Technology and Research: 110 Science and Technology  Research institutes in the city
  • Defence: 21 Defence units
  • IT Exports: Hyderabad tops 4th IT export generating centre in India
  • Revenue:  Forty percent revenue contribution from land registrations.
  • Tourism: Tourist places located in the city
  • Sports and Games: Stadiums for Conducting International games located in city
  • Tansportation: Good transportaion facilities( Road, Rail and Airways)
  • Climate and Enviranment conditions: Favourable Living conditions etc

As per the reports,  source in Governor Narasimhan’s task force raised the issue of statehood to Hyderabad city.

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