GoM meeting was like an interview centre: Chandrababu Naidu



Hyderabad: Continuing his tirade against the Congress party, TDP President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu  today said the  faulty methods adopted by the central government in  the State bifurcation process has been exposed.

Speaking to media,  the TDP chief said  “the GoM meeting was like an interview centre” where political parties were asked to submit their reports separately. The government gave the colour to the meeting as an all-party meeting. But it was like an  interview centre where each party was allotted only 20 minutes to present their case before GoM, he lambasted.

Alleging that  the ruling party,  with the connivance of TRS and YSRC,  was trying to divide the state for political gains, he  questioned on  two different reports submitted by the  state Congress party. One person says Telangana formation would be completed by January first,  while another person of the same party advocated keeping the state united.

Terming the bifurcation decision as a unilateral decision of the congress party,  the TDP  chief said the ruling party has written letters to political parties in Andhra Pradesh in an attempt to wriggle out from the  blame game,  and the present prevailing situation when people are opposing its unilateral decision.   On the issue of bifurcation of the state,  the congress party has been insulting the telugu people, he said and questioned as to how can a decision for division  can be taken by allotting  just  20 minutes to a political party for presenting its case on the issue.

Reiterating the demand of the TDP  to render equal justice to all the regions, Naidu alleged that TRS and YSRC are dancing to the script of Congress party.

Questioning the reason  behind  not calling JAC leaders of both regions for a dialogue on the issue,   he said the centre should meet the JAC and the  stakeholders of seemandhra and Telangana before proceeding further on bifurcation of the state.

The prime minister would  ontinue  for another two –three months, and  what justice he will render to seemandhra people, he wondered.c

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