Diggy Calls Kiran, Expresses Shock!

According to reports we are hearing, Andhra Pradesh affairs in-charge of Congress party, Digvijay Singh, has no words to express except putting up a shocking expression. This happened during his latest phone call to Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy.

With Seemandhra becoming a frying pan due to the bifurcation decision taken by union cabinet, Digvijay is heard calling Kiran on phone to sort out the issues of people and take situation under control. Though CM is doing his best to control agitators, the way curfew is being imposed in Vijayanagaram and the way electricity employees announcing a protest leading to shut down of power in almost three districts, has shocked Congress high command. All these days, they are not anticipating such a strong retort as national media haven’t covered them. But now with ‘Telangana fall out’ becoming the headlines on all national channels, Digvijay seems to be worried a lot and is calling Kiran continuously to monitor the situation.

Political observers say that high command failed to assess situation in state as they got inputs from few Seemandhra ministers that there is nothing serious going on here in the region. But now with national media showing the actual, no doubt Congress high command will be under huge tension.

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