Critics demand Answers to 10 questions from Pawan Kalyan

Critics demand Answers to 10 questions from Pawan Kalyan

Critics demand Answers to 10 questions from Pawan Kalyan

Hyderabad: The fans of Pawan Kalyan have been deeply engrossed in making arrangements for today’s meeting of Power Star, while the entire media has an eye to capture the show.

Pawan Kalyan has 10 questions to answer: Anti-fans and critics

Conversely, the anti-fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan demanded him to answer the following 10 questions before he launches his new party.

“1.    What happened to the ‘Common Men Protection Force’ established by you with the help of funds amounting crores of ruppes which were collected from many people?

2.  If at all you have to question, you should first question your own elder brother, who cheated the people by merging PRP in Congress Party. Once you can’t question your own elder brother then how would you question the system?

3. You have been actively involved in PRP’s establishment and even campaigned for the party, played an active role in choosing the members for the party. Why don’t you feel responsible to give clarification regarding the shutting down of the party?

4. You married once, divorced…after dating for 6 years with other, married her, after she gave birth to a kid with you… And even left her. Now, it is the turn of a foreigner. You are a person who changes the woman in your life repeatedly. Do you think you are eligible to float a party?

5. You earned crores of rupees as a film hero. However, you didn’t do anything to your hometown. How would you run a party then?

6. You failed to run your own organization and how would you run a party?

7.  Do you have any answer to explain why Paritala tonsured you? Can you dare to give explanation for the same?

8.  What favour you did to Kapus. You didn’t even give donation to Kapunadu. Isn’t this true?

9.     Why didn’t you come forward to raise your concern to the people regarding the failure of services of Arogyasri, 108, Fees Reimbursement et al. why do you remember all these things just 60days before elections.”

10. Is it not Pottluri Prasad Rao who is running the show from behind? Is it not true that just for the sake of Vijayawada MP Seat, which was denied to him by both YSRCP and TDP you are floating this new party?