Chiranjeevi, the Big Zero?

Chiranjeevi, the Big Zero?

Chiranjeevi, the Big Zero?

Few months ago (October 30, 2013), CNN IBN had featured an article on Chiranjeevi in its website- “Decline of Chiranjeevi: From Mega Star to a big zero in Andhra Pradesh”. Without going into merits and demerits of that article which did have few blunders, recent developments in Andhra Pradesh are anything to going by, Union Tourism Minister Chiranjeevi seems to be trying his best to prove that article right. He is going to be ‘Big Zero’ in the successor state of Andhra Pradesh gauging the public mood who are seething in anger over the bifurcation of the state and especially the manner in which it is being done- flouting all norms of federal system, and making mockery of democracy.

Chiru’s speech in Rajya Sabha is definitely a bolt out of the blue to many of his ‘reel’ fans and ‘real’ fans in both Seemandhra and Telangana. One couldn’t understand what Chiru was saying in the first place. He said he is against to the Telangana Bill which was moved or rather bulldozed by his own government in which he is part of Union Cabinet. He said government should, at least, make Hyderabad as Union Territory which didn’t happen at all. He blamed all other parties for bifurcation and backed Congress (perhaps to impress High Command for his CM post) by claiming that his party is the last one to take a call. Well, few might not agree with it as Chidambaram made formal announcement on Dec 9, 2009 itself. Above all, Chiru hasn’t demanded his government for substantial financial package for residuary State. In one word, he failed in every sense in doing justice to his people.

Even if you go by Chiru’s argument of Congress is innocent, he is totally wrong. Congress might have bite the T-bullet in eleventh hour, but the manner in which Congress acted is non-negotiable, unpardonable and unthinkable. As Jagan Mohan Reddy (I’m not a supporter of Jagan) rightly pointed out, “anybody with 272 majority in Lok Sabha could bifurcate any State in this country for their whims and fancies.”

Above all, why Chiru is still continuing in Congress party which is considered as “sinking ship”? Well, it might be his personal interest to continue in the party. But people who have voted for (change) Chiru (18% votes in 2009 elections) have legitimate right to question him as he had taken dig on Congress leaders (Chiru & co then alleged that Congress is synonym for corruption) and later merged his party into Congress for Union Minister post. This is the biggest blunder if political analysts are anything to go by. His image has taken a severe beating cutting across regional lines who saw him as a game-changer. Now, after

The latest reports suggest that Chiru is frontrunner for “two-month” CM post. Congress party is contemplating to play ‘Kapu’ plank which is a major player in AP by projecting Chiru as its face and now planning to include Kapus into B.Cs (Backward castes) in order to woo them ahead of elections. The big question is why Chiru still want to be part of Sonia’s wicked strategy?

No doubt, Chiru’s popularity has already plunged in Seemandhra. If he assumes CM post, he will be seen as ‘Big Zero’ by people. He will be rnseen as ‘Big Zero’ even if he continues in Union Cabinet. And the important thing is Chiru is not an innocent or novice. He knows all these happenings. He is aware that he will lose his ground if he continues in Congress. As Venkaiaha Naidu rightly said in Rajya Sabha, “Chiru is a good actor” and later clarified that it’s on ‘reel’. But many now say “Chiru is good actor in real life too.”

While one Telugu star actor-turned politician late N.T Rama Rao made Telugus pride, Mega Star Chiru is doing the otherwise. History will never forgive Chiranjeevi who is part of a historical blunder. At the end of all these political one-upmanship, politicians like Chiru are winning and it is the people who are losing merely. Chiru’s episode must be an eye-opener to people who are blindly worshiping matinee idols. It’s time for people to wake up and realize the ground realities.

Disclaimer: Writer is a senior political analyst. The views expressed by the author need not reflect the views of our website. His views are purely his personal.